Off-Gallery Exhibitions

London Riots

Current and recent off-gallery exhibitions include:

April April | showcase wall with Karin Flörsheim | Roland Ermrich | D-Mitte Park-Kultur | Düsseldorf

Reflect yourself | Jungle | Art-Fabric event by Ralf Buchholz | Erkrath Düsseldorf

Foresight | Malerei | Kunstpunkte im Cabinett | Düsseldorf

Why I Show in “Off” Places

“Alternative” and “off-gallery” exhibitions remind me of my time in New York City, where I was painting 15 meter walls for a performance of The Golden Boys at 8BC.

I showed with people who were able to express both artistic flair and strong tension, conquering the world with adventurous freedom.

This year, I delved into the Düsseldorf art scene, where I discovered excellent people with boundless energy and charisma—such as Ralf Buchholz and Andrea Dietrich—whose venues I felt honoured to be invited to show at.

Off-gallery venues allow a special kind of freedom and exchange of ideas because they are not tied to commercial success. The success of the piece is not measured in how many visitors it has, but in the emotional and intellectual impact it has on those who see it. These venues allow a return to the idea of art for the sake of art.

Working with established art dealers such as Eva and Philipp March, Martin Lorch, Ruth Leuchter and Marianne Pitzen is enjoyable and fulfilling for many different reasons, but it is these “off” places that take me back to the freedom I experienced in NYC.