Daniela Flörsheim on the project "Work & Women" from 17.04. - 30.10. in the Bonn Women's Museum


9 portraits - 9 extraordinary women - stories!


Enter the 'breathing' biotope of nine international women's personalities in the midst of intensely colored orchids and animal motifs, the world of Daniela Flörsheim and read at the bistro table about the women portrayed by her:


Elizabeth Pauline Lucy Corley (UK)

CEO of Allianz Global Investors and crime writer is presented with her favorite animal, an Indian elephant

Valerie Jane Goodall (UK)

Behavioral scientist, environmental activist and peace ambassador / to her belongs the mascot of this exhibition - a life-sized chimpanzee

Aung San Suu Chi (Myanmar)

Burmese head of government and Nobel Peace Prize winner

Vandana Shiva (India)

Environmental activist and quantum physicist 

Wangari Muta Maathai (Kenya)

First African Nobel Peace Prize Laureate / Founder of the Green Belt Movement for tree planting all over Africa

Evamaria March

March Contemporary Gallery Munich and Managing Director of DC Placement Advisors will be showcasing intense colored orchids

Marina Abramovic (Serbia)

Grande Dame of performance art / table and chairs stand for dialogue

Marli Hoppe Knight

Entrepreneur Firm Ritter - Sport / Founder of the Museum Ritter in Waldenbruch near Stuttgart presented with square motifs

Rosemarie Trockel 

Artist - represented by her dachshund the Rosmarienwuffi l !!


Flörsheim's biotope, first floor next to the stage, is a total installation. Each portrait has its own chapter as well as being directly related to the other personalities. Skilful technical reproduction harmonizes with the free-picturesque life.


Text author: Bernd Groten